Rainbow Sprinkles and Sunny Days

Danielle MalinComment

oh cali, how i love you. we spent a little over a week under the sunshine (and a few showers), eating balboa bars with rainbow sprinkles, and walking along the bay. Gorgeous cactus gardens lined the boardwalk on newport beach, and red, white and blue PEDANTS draped the streets of balboa, leftover from the fourth of july. of all the places we ventured, crystal cove state park was probably my fav. i picked up treasures and got swept away in the salty waves. justin and i adventured around the bay by kayak (twice!), we slurped oyster shooters with the fam, made pulled pork sliders for twelve, binged on skeeball at the fun zone, and completed a whopping four jigsaw puzzles (with a little help, of course).

truly a trip to remember.