Thankful for Craft Time

Danielle MalinComment

Shopping during the holidays is always stressful for me. I can never find exactly what I envision, and any time I do, it is way out of my budget. This Thanksgiving, after looking at magazines, in store windows, and through hundreds of pins on Pinterest, I decided to make some of my own home products. Tablecloths are not something that we use much, so investing in one at this time did not seem the most practical. So I went to the fabric store and picked up 2 yards of neutral linen gingham fabric and about 1 yard of linen plaid in earthy greens and plum to make our tablecloth and napkins. I purchased eucalyptus, kale and a range of other earthy flowers as our centerpiece, and used all that as inspiration for our custom menus that I placed on each table setting. With Justin cooking the turkey and all the fixings, I did my part in the kitchen as well, cutting out leaves from spare pie crust dough and decorating the pies! It was a treat - literally!

I am so thankful for everyone and everything I have in my life- including that little bit of time to myself called craft time.